Q. Can we purchase tasting tickets only?

A. No only for our customers that rent the transportation.

Q. Do we have to purchase the tasting tickets if we get the transportation?

A. No, the tickets are an added value. You may pay at each winery as you go.

Q. Can we do just the transportation?

A. Yes, we offer transportation only services.

Q. Do we have to visit the wineries on your list?

A. Only if you are purchasing the tasting package.

Q. Can we go to any winery we want?

A. Yes, but we may not be able to get a discount on the tasting tickets if it’s a non-partner winery from our list.

Q. What time is pickup?

A. Any time, we go around your schedule.

Q. Is there a minimum of hours?

A. There is a 5-hour minimum charge on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Q. What are the winery hours?

A. Winery hours are between 10am-5pm, however some are open until 6 pm.

Q. Can we bring food?

A. Yes, some wineries allow food.

Q. Do some wineries have restaurants?

A. Yes, great fine dining choices for lunch and dinner.

Q. Can we bring alcoholic drinks?

A. Yes, in the limo you can bring champagne, beer and wine, just no hard alcohol. The wineries don’t allow hard alcohol, and we are members of the Wine Growers Association, and they prohibit us from bringing it into wine country.

Q. Can you pick us up at our hotel or vacation rental?

A. Yes, we service local and out of area pickups.

Q. How many tastes at each winery?

A. 4-6 tastes is typical for each winery.

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